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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sneak a peak...

I like to sneak a peak at my brother's blog. I won't post the link here or you might subscribe to it and then my sneaking would be over. I go in and read it from time to time to find out all about his dirty little life. He has this insane crush on a girl (he is 35!!!) and can't seem to ask her out. From the sounds of his posts and the replies it has been going on for something over a year. He writes cryptic things about her and never says her name.

I watch and wait for his tune to change. It is amazing he posts he innermost feelings for millions to read and yet when we chat he says nothing of this mystery woman he pines for.

His posters call him "bohemian" - I never viewed him that way; liberal, yes. Now maybe I can start to see him in another light.

Colleen has invaded Michael's "My" Space.

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