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Saturday, July 12, 2008

I have issues (aka My New Friend, The Bissell Steam Mop)

There are few things I hate more than mopping the tile floor in my house. It is not the sense of clean I get when it is done but the fact that I have to drag the bucket of water throughout the kitchen and foyer. Now that I have a 9 month old crawling around (and under) me even the things I enjoy have become more difficult to accomplish. So, you can imagine how often mopping gets done in this house lately.

SAVE THE DAY!!! Today my Bissell Steam Mop arrived! In 5 minutes I had put Jared in his exersaucer, inserted the two screws to assemble and filled that puppy with water! I had just swept the floor this morning so according to Bissell I already had the go ahead to mop - so I did!

Awesome. I did the entire tile floor which is basically the inside third of my home (kitchen, foyer, hall, bathroom and laundry room) in about 30 minutes! Jared played and watched and if I got too far out of view I just moved him so he could see the mop. He wasn't annoyed not seeing ME - he loved the MOP!!! I love the MOP!!!

If you want to get this mop, check out HSN and you can see it in action!

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