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Monday, July 07, 2008

Liar...Liar...Pants on fire

OK. Facebook wasted 1/2 an hour - then I posted about procrastinating.

Then I opted to go to bed

Then I edited my blog and changed the color.

It used to be black. I love black but it did not feel right to post my pics.

Notice I still have not even posted a picture - why does this matter right now?

I will see how I feel about this light color. I may change it back.

OK - not only do I procrastinate, I vacillate.

My head might explode. Going to bed NOW


Paige Zapp said...

Just read that you have a facebook. I was CONVINCED to start mine last week. SO...I sent you a friend request.

Colleen said...

Haha - It is now October 12 and I am seeing this comment for th first time! I should check in more often. I love Facebook and am so glad you are on there, too! I was chatting with Chris C at work last week - we need to hang out and dish!