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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Multi-fold card

I attempted two cards this week for Pat's Challenge over at Southern Breezes. One I started Saturday night - I was so excited!!! I quickly fizzled, though. I got the card folded and it was just weird. It did lay right - and I was exhausted at about 2AM so I gave up. I promised myself I would go back and embellish it this week, but I didn't.

Today I was determined to make another one so I found the cutest step card over at Dawn's Stamping Up Blog. I love card designs but I always blank on what to PUT on them. I could probably make 50 cards a day and let someone else embellish them; I'd get more done.

Anyway - it is black and pink - and all from my scrap stash. Surprise, surprise on the inclusion of black. More importantly - it is done - if you consider my finished product done. Another note - my camera is taking horrible pictures - very dark or extremely over"flashed" so please know the pink is actually a really cute, warm pink for Valentine's Day.


1 comment:

mugsy said...

loved the step your colos too