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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I am in love...

Recently I renewed my interest in online chatting. I don't know how or why it re-entered my life, but now that it is back I can't remember why I ever stopped logging on to my messenger every time I signed onto the computer. Maybe I was trying to keep quiet and out of trouble, maybe it was the ugly naked photos that random men would send to me, or maybe I actually thought I was going to get some work done. I don't know what thought crossed my mind, but I am so grateful it has left me now.

A few weeks ago I logged onto Yahoo IM. I was going to a chat party for fellow scrappers. We exchange items - kind of the free-cycle of the craft world. While I was signed on I got three messages from people I hadn't heard from in almost 5 years. Granted they hadn't heard from me either but - point be made - we were back in touch. We don't call or write - rarely so we even email, but if we see the other's icon lit up - all bets are off. We might chat for 2 minutes or two hours.

My husband has even found a use for chatting. He plays online war games with people from all over the world. At first they chatted by text (he learned quickly where all the keys were!) and now they actually voice chat. It is funny to hear him yelling at people to "duck" or "get cover" as if they are really in the same room with him. Sometimes I wonder what the people from other countries sound like. Do they speak English or has he figured out translations for the common terms? I care, but not enough to really remember to ask.

The best part of this is that I have an instant line into my best friend's house. She moved to Florida last year and I miss her terribly. We didn't get to see each other much up here, either - but knowing how far away she is just about breaks my heart. So, this summer I took a trip. I got to see her and play with her kids and go to football practice. We are not really "phone friends" but we are fantastic on IM! We touch base for a few minutes each night and I can visualize everything that is happening around her. I see the dining room where she is typing and I can almost feel it when the dog runs by and bumps the table.

So, I am in love with my chat window. It has not replaced seeing my friends and family (no matter how near or far they are) but at least now they are "right there." When their smiley is lit up I KNOW they are sitting at the computer and seconds away from a funny story or friendly cry. I don't have to worry how loud the dog barks - or if the kids at their house are running and screaming. The only feedback I get is from the one I want to hear from right at that moment. Whether it is my Dad, my friends or even my husband IM'ing me to see if we need milk on the way home from work. I will never turn off my chat again. YY

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